The Jolokia Team 2013

The Jolokia Team

Founded with Pierre Meisel, it is the first practical application of the action principles. A team of amateurs from various backgrounds beats the professional teams on prestigious offshore races. “A well-chosen and well-managed group of varied characters  will always go further than an army of clones.”

Eric Bellion-Fondateur-CommeUnSeulHomme

This crew that no one would want on paper beats professionals. Nobody would hire these guys and gals. They are too different. They seem too vulnerable or incapable. It’s true that at first sight, it’s a bit disconcerting. But I know that together they are unbeatable - and this you cannot see with your own eyes.

Eric Bellion

Movie trailer “Team Jolokia, one of a kind sailors” by Aurélie Saillard and Robert Iseni, Gédéon Programs


Endowment fund created by Eric Bellion in 2014 which carries the conviction that difference is a strength and the main source of innovation, performance, collective prosperity and personal well-being.

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