2017 Vendée Globe

Nicknamed the Everest of the Seas, the Vendée Globe is the only solo sailing race around the world without assistance. Eric Bellion is committed to this adventure alongside 14 patrons to raise awareness about his cause. A successful wager for COMMEUNSEULHOMME which, after 99 days at sea, becomes the public’s favorite and the 2nd most cited boat on social media. Eric leads his race by applying his 5 action principles, the foundation of COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s approach, and validates them by finishing 1st in the beginners’ category and 9th in the ranking.

Eric Bellion-Fondateur-CommeUnSeulHomme

The willingness to go towards the other seems absurd, yet it is what I am experiencing in the heart of the greatest solo race there is: the Vendée Globe.

Eric Bellion

Innovation, performance, collective happiness... thanks to diversity.

Jan 2017

Op-Ed: What is it all for?

Earthling habits will be back soon enough. The arrivals take turn at the Sables d’Olonne and I am starting to see Europe. Not with the […]

Jan 2017

Op-Ed: Sailing Past Cape Horn

Today I am sailing past Cape Horn. Only saying it brings up a whole lot of emotions. I feel like I am offering it to […]

Jan 2017

Op-Ed: I am with the God of the Seas

After 59 days on the race, I am now only a few miles away from the pole of inaccessibility. It’s the place, at sea, where […]

Dec 2016

Op-Ed: I saw myself announcing my giving up a 100 times.

What an Ocean, this Indian! After a month racing, I finally made it there and it did earn its reputation. The wind is strong but […]

Dec 2016

Op-Ed: Taking one Mile at a Time

Going south, south, south. It’s my current obsession. I have to make it to Cape Agulhas, which marks the entrance to the Indian Ocean but […]

Nov 2016

Op-Ed: Thoughts for the Other during my Loneliness at Sea

The willingness to go towards the other seems absurd and yet it is what I am experiencing in the middle of the longest solo race […]

The Vendée Globe and the 5 action principles

Through this feat, Eric shares his discoveries, convinced that positive thought is in itself contagious. He validates, deepens and shares COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s 5 action principles:

Betting on Diversity

It's the fear that scares us!

Read "Happiness means the Unknown"

Innovating through constraint

Take every difficulty as an opportunity to better oneself and the world

Read "I saw myself announcing my giving up a 100 times"

Aiming for sustainable performance

Aim for performance through harmony

Read " I am with the God of the seas"


Achieve a blissful state

Read "Sailing past Cap Horn"

Revue de Presse

COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s message finds its place among the public and on social media (2nd boat on social media!), and also through the press which amplifies Eric’s message on difference.

Guest on RTL

Interview with Marc-Olivier Fogiel

Watch the Interview on RTL

Eric is "Man of the Year" for Le Parisien

The paper rewards the 22 people that "highlighted the news" by their "courage, graciousness or commitment".

Read the article


A full page in the Sports Magazine !

Show on LCI

Eric is invited on the show "Au coeur de nos différences"

Watch the Replay


Endowment fund created by Eric Bellion in 2014 which carries the conviction that difference is a strength and the main source of innovation, performance, collective prosperity and personal well-being.

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