Eric Bellion : 1st time at La Route du Rhum

Eric Bellion, first-timer at La Route du Rhum

La Route du Rhum is a mythical transatlantic race which takes places every 4 years. In 2018, the race celebrates its 40-year anniversary. For COMMEUNSEULHOMME, it is a huge opportunity to complete its two missions.

First of all, we aim to take advantage of the event’s popularity to raise awareness about our message and enroll many women and men at our side in a celebration of difference. Then, during the race, we will continue to explore the ways we are connected to ourselves and the Other, through the 5 action principles we stand for.

More than 2 million expected visitors

La Route du Rhum was created in 1978 by Michel Etevenon, who wished it to be the “transatlantic race of freedom“.

Diversity:  La Route du Rhum brings together more than a 100 boats, professional skippers and amateurs spanning 6 categories: monocoque and multihull. Eric chose this event for the values of openness it carries and the special echo it will give to his message. More than 2 million visitors are awaited for the departure in Saint-Malo, to share the “magic of Rhum” with the skippers.

Let the adventure begin with Ahoy!

La Route du Rhum: First step of COMMEUNSEULHOMME's explorations

Last but not least, La Route du Rhum is the first step of COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s new worldwide adventure, whose objective is to engage a million of explorers, men and women, who dare to think and act differently. We call them explorers of difference. It’s an ongoing, long-term exploration that will spread over several years, and which will bring Eric and his new boat Ahoy to meet the Other on all shores of the globe.

La Route du Rhum is a legend since its very first edition, when Mike Birch's small trimaran historically won by 98 seconds against his rival Michel Malinovski. "This race has changed my life".

Mike Birch (photo credits: Babelio)

Route du Rhum : Guadeloupe

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Endowment fund created by Eric Bellion in 2014 which carries the conviction that difference is a strength and the main source of innovation, performance, collective prosperity and personal well-being.

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