Let your city join the #PLEAFORDIFFERENCE

Does your city stand as one?

Your city can stand as one! If you are part of the administration of the city you can fill the form below, so we may contact you with concrete actions to lead together.

They signed the Plea

Emmanuelle LEBOURG
gweltaz lagatu
Luchmun Roy Neha
christine lomardb
Virginie Prelle bienabe
Gautier Delannoy
Sophie Cascade
Jacques Aubert
Charles Louis MAME
Sandra Keravec
Thierry Belliot

Positive Contagion

Thanks to our patrons, we have gathered numerous practical cases in order to inspire and learn. In these testimonials, difference rhymes with performance, sustainable success and collective happiness.


Employees have taken part


Students will join too


Concrete actions to make a difference


Stories about difference

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