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COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s expeditions allow us to raise awareness about the power of diversity and difference, thanks to the media and our partners! You can helps us too…in under 2 minutes!

Through the following form, give us the contact of a decision-maker at your company (HR, Boss, Manager…) or at your kids’ school (teacher, director…).

We will contact them on your recommendation, and offer them to act alongside us, or to benefit from our content (educational content or conferences) – free from any obligation.

The math is straightforward: if every person who follows the adventure takes 2 minutes today to share the contact of their employer or their kids' school, then we have a chance to become millions. Together, and together only, can we help change mentalities: difference makes us rich.

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Endowment fund created by Eric Bellion in 2014 which carries the conviction that difference is a strength and the main source of innovation, performance, collective prosperity and personal well-being.

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