Contagion Positive - Isabelle Autissier

1. Betting on Difference

Isabelle Autissier

Isabelle Autissier, French yachtswoman, first woman to achieve a round the world in a competition (1991), writer and president of the WWF – France, in a discussion with Eric Bellion. Read the whole discussion (original French version).

The Vendée Globe means allowing yourself to say “I make a decision, I make the best one possible but I am not completely sure”. You could have wanted, either to push to the extreme, either to curl up and scare yourself all the time. The secret is happiness! It’s true that you manage to handle it and keep the joy of sailing. At times happiness means speeding up, at times it’s so great to slow down a little.

Isabelle Autissier, yachtswoman, president of the WWF France


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