Human diversity in innovation

Through numerous expeditions, Eric Bellion proves that real strength emerges from diversity, and that a team of varied characters, if united, will always go farther than a team of clones.

Eric Bellion-Fondateur-CommeUnSeulHomme

Our team ended up 8th in its category during a mythical race which gathered the crème of sailing, all the best pros on earth.

In the head of a pro, this team is made of girls, seniors, a blind man, a man in a wheelchair. This improbable team just beat them: that’s impossible… can something so completely different be so performing?!

That’s exactly the situation in our societies and companies today. Human diversity is either in the box of humanism, civism, legality or taxation. It’s a major mistake… my strong conviction is that diversity, difference is management. I even go further: difference is the key to performance.

Eric Bellion

Human diversity in innovation | Eric Bellion | TEDxPanthéonSorbonne

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