The Loneliness of Pioneers

At the heart of these howling 50º – that zone in the southern seas located between the 50th and the 60th parallel  – Eric Bellion shares his experience of loneliness. At the beginning, when we dare to try something different, we are always less than lonely.

Eric Bellion-Fondateur-CommeUnSeulHomme

When we attempt the adventure of difference, we are even less than lonely. Most people are here to discourage us, because difference scares people, because it forces us to leave our comfort zone and that most people refuse to leave that comfort zone.

When we give this adventure a try, we feel the weight of decision and the consequences of the decisions we have to face on our own. Since [during the Vendée Globe] I experience this loneliness and I make those decisions, I notice that I have resources that I didn’t even thought I had and I trust myself more and more, I am thriving.

The choice of difference is the choice to thrive, to help others thrive, to create. When we create we are happy.

This loneliness is hard but it’s really the key to happiness.

Eric Bellion

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