Apprehending constraint as a stepping-stone instead of an insurmountable barrier.

3. Innovating through constraint

Innovating through constraint

Eric Bellion is leaving the depression he faced on the Indian Ocean and tells us about his last night in the storm with a defective motor. He manages to repair the motor during the night and on the same occasion is forced to “cobble together” the hydro generator, which had been defective since a couple of days… a fine example showing that when you apprehend constraints as a stepping stone, wonderful things often happen.

Eric Bellion-Fondateur-CommeUnSeulHomme

When you take constraint as a stepping stone instead of an insurmountable barrier, you discover extraordinary things… and it’s my case, I am going beyond everything I thought, I find these resources I hadn’t imagined, it’s an adventure on every level…!

Eric Bellion

End of a storm on the Indian Ocean

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