#Plea for Difference


Founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949, Emmaüs is a social movement fighting the root causes of poverty. An incredible ecosystem assisting the most vulnerable, Emmaüs fights all forms of precariousness and is actively engaged in favour of social justice. Emmaüs works in the fields of social action, insertion and housing, and counts  287 structures and over 18’000 actors on its territory to date. With 470 second-hand stores, Emmaüs is the first national network of solidarity shops in France, at the forefront of responsible consumption.

If the partnership between COMMEUNSEULHOMME and Emmaüs might be surprising at first sight, it was, in the light of Eric's and his movement's history, an obvious choice. Eric has always used his popularity and his sailing to provide a forum for difference and diversity - we welcome in our communities and social integration programmes people that are excluded from society, repairing objects that are no longer wanted by society, thereby healing themselves. As Eric, Emmaüs proves that the "living together" is not only possible, but that the "making together" creates performance. But our collaboration doesn't stop here: our visions meet around the urgency of acting for the environment. Every minute that passes, the equivalent of a dumpster of plastic is spilled into the oceans - a pollution directly linked to overconsumption and waste. An environment disaster that, still, could be avoided, given that we radically change our habits. Emmaüs' sponsoring of COMMEUNSEULHOMME's clothes and decoration, is our way to show, together with Eric, that we can say NO to the throwaway mentality and to fast fashion.

With COMMEUNSEULHOMME, Emmaüs intends to hoist solidarity and ecology during La Route du Rhum!

Hubert Trapet

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