You Don't Need Us

Founded in 2016, You Don’t Need Us  accompanies small to medium-sized companies in their digital evolution.

Following the two-fold observation that SMEs need fore and foremost to focus on delivering their know-how, while technological difficulties upset the world they live in, we have conceived and developed simple and easily accessible consultancy products, based on the measure of success.

Acting like a real extension of the company, we align business and technology in a real strategy. We build tactics and ensure the project’s good development, and commit to the success of our client’s transformation. You-Dont-Need-Us

Collective intelligence, durable trust, the constant strife towards harmony are driving our day-to-day actions, as well as the interrogations surrounding their implementation. How are we to defend convictions, illustrate and test them, without the use of words, when they are synonyms of alterity and transgressions? That's what we set out to discover, and that's what Eric shows us by taking a leap in the dark - where we felt like following him. We are proud and happy to support COMMEUNSEULHOMME and hereby to unleash our pioneering spirit at Eric's sides: daring to be different, embracing diversity and actively contributing to the exploration of the 5 action principles.

Yanniss Leloir

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