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Mission : the voice of pragmatism

Created by Eric Bellion, COMMEUNSEULHOMME is a great human exploration that shares a desire for diversity. Through its 5 action principles, COMMEUNSEULHOMME has spent the last 15 years demonstrating that difference is the first step to innovation, success, and happiness.


Already 70 000 explorers of difference have joined COMMEUNSEULHOMME, and we will be using our next explorations to embark an even larger public. We want to federate an international community of men and women that dare to embrace difference.

COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s message is anchored in activism. In an increasingly distrustful world in which we fear the Other, we want to experiment with difference and voice our conviction. Thinking is contagious. We can’t let fear or naive optimism capture any more ground. We offer a positive and pragmatic alternative. To bet on difference is a long and difficult path, but it’s the only one that allows us to create, succeed and be successful.


I am not a passenger on this planet. I experience adventures to spur pioneering spirit. Going towards the Other, setting common objectives, agreeing on essential values, sharing cooperation tools is long and hard. But by uniting each other’s singularities, it is possible to reach a state of collective bliss.

Eric Bellion

The 5 action principles

They are at COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s heart and constitute its core base. They have emerged from 15 years of performing through difference.

1. Betting on difference

We choose the unknown over our comfort zone

Discover the 1st action principle

2. Trusting

We create the conditions to discover unsuspected resources

Discover the 2nd action principle

3. Innovating thanks to constraint

We interpret each problem as an opportunity

Discover the 3 rd action principle

4. Aim for sustainable performance

In order to succeed, we aim neither at performance, nor at the objective, but at harmony

Discover the 4th action principle

5. Revel

We reach a state of bliss and achieve unhoped-for results

Discover the 5th action principle

Bet on difference!

Objective: a revolution in collective consciousness

We are all different but humanity can only address its greatest challenges by standing as one. This will not happen in the fear of the Other or with righteousness, but through a mature and pragmatic approach. This is the contagion we are launching.


Convinced that thought is contagious, we create a contagion of positive thinking through example and emotion. We target the general public and companies by sharing adventures, great or modest, but always led successfully thanks to difference and our 5 action principles.


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Endowment fund created by Eric Bellion in 2014 which carries the conviction that difference is a strength and the main source of innovation, performance, collective prosperity and personal well-being.

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