15 years of human exploration

Eric Bellion, COMMEUNSEULHOMME's founder

Since 2000, Eric develops, with the help of his various teams, his 5 action principles: the foundation of COMMEUNSEULHOMME’s approach. Each new adventure is an opportunity to test, validate and improve these 5 principles… and also to share them with the general public.

For 15 years, we have been demonstrating that difference fosters innovation, creativity, and performance. Difference allows each of us to compensate each other’s shortcomings. It erases rivalries and creates happiness on a boat, within a company or at the country's scale.

Eric Bellion, COMMEUNSEULHOMME's skipper and founder

Latest actions

Feb 2017

Vendée Globe 2017

The greatest solo-race, without assistance or stopover, under the flag of difference.

Oct 2015

The Jacques-Vabre Transatlantic

The 5 action principles support Eric and Sam to the 7th rank in Brazil

Oct 2013

The Jolokia Team

The crew, composed of amateurs from many different backgrounds, wins prestigious offshore races against professional teams.

Oct 2010

2010 The Integration Challenge

Sailing record set between Brittany and Mauritius by a crew equally constituted of disabled and valid members.

Oct 2003

Kifouine: a soliDary round the world

45 young people with cerebral palsy perform a soliDary round-the-world

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