Ahoy, daughter of the Northern Seas

Born in 2006, Ahoy is a classy schooner, inheriting from two noble bloodlines: that of the secular tradition of Dutch merchants, and that of American schooners tailored to ocean races. With Eric, she left her native shores in July 2018: she had never sailed Brittany’s waters, and Concarneau is now her home port.

STANDASONE's schooner

With our long-time partners, we desired a beautiful boat, aesthetically speaking: a schooner that embarks us in the 17th and 18th's century great expeditions. We also believe it is through beauty, at its contact, that women and men are the most creative.

Eric Bellion

21m and 43 tons!

Tailored to adventure

Ahoy weights 43 tons, measures 21 meters in length, and its mainmast is 23 meters high. Its steel hull will bring Eric and his crew across the seven seas, especially safe in icy conditions. Its lifting keel and its 1.70m draft allow Ahoy to sail all shores. The planned stopovers will benefit meetings, as Ahoy will be able to welcome in its comfy space women and men that will share the project in the years to come.

les-spécifications-techniques-de la-goélette-Ahoy

An oasis of sharing

The deck is made of teck, the interiors, of mahogany (a tropical wood), and the floors of maple. Ahoy showcases exceptionally varnished woods.

But Ahoy’s real luxury is its kitchen. At sea and during stopovers alike, this central kitchen offers an oasis of sharing to all that will share STANDASONE’s adventure.

Ahoy is a girl. For a sailor, it is radically different, it changes the way I will address my boat. From now on, I will not say "he", but "she". And I'm very happy about it!

Eric Bellion

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